Five Reasons to Join Me At OMS in Your Town (plus a discount)

There are lots of digital marketing conferences and events. Maybe too many (can I hear an “Amen!” please?!). Here are five reasons why the Online Marketing Summit is a good one to put on your list, especially in this time of tight budgets:

1. It’s local. Reduced travel costs. Great networking. There are 19 cities.

2. Great content. The mother of all reasons to go to a conference. Lots of new speakers. Wide coverage of all things digital marketing, so you get ideas for all the stuff you must get done.

3. Flexibility. Advanced track for those who want new ideas. Fundamentals track for those who need some brushing up. This is particularly helpful as so many of us have responsibilities beyond email or customer retention. If you are advanced in one area, you can seek fundamentals in another.

4. Conversation. The OMS is celebrated for getting the audience involved. You learn from other attendees just as much as from the speakers. (Don’t worry, there is discipline too, so those who just need a pulpit are shut down politely but firmly.)

5. Discount. Get 20% off with the somewhat-embarrassingly-named but very valid code “stephanie20” by registering here.

Hope to see you there! If you are coming, please let me know so we can meet up. I’ll also Twitter and blog from the events for those who have to miss it.

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