First Lesson for an Email Rock Star

Here’s your first lesson in becoming an Email Rock Star: Don’t just send good email. Send absolutely great email.

So what does that mean? It’s simple. Great email gets delivered straight to the inbox AND clicked once it reaches the subscriber. If you can master that formula, then you will build a loyal fan base of subscribers who come to all your events, purchase all your merchandise and tell the world how cool you are.

But this won’t happen overnight. Becoming an Email Rock Star takes practice. You have to experiment and test strategies to see what resonates most with your subscriber, starting with getting delivered. On average 20% of email never makes it to the inbox. That’s a huge percentage no matter how much email you send!

Therefore, you have to ask yourself three important questions before we go any further.

1) Did my email reach the inbox or get delivered to the junk or spam folder?
2) How many of my emails went missing in cyberspace?
3) Am I excluding undelivered email from my ROI calculations?

Can you answer these questions confidently? If not, that’s okay. We can find out the answer. If you know the answer, we can find a solution.

In the coming weeks, I’ll tell you more about how to solve for this problem. But if you can’t wait, schedule an evaluation with Return Path’s email experts. Tell them the Mailbox Maven sent you!

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