Finding Email Inspiration

It’s easy to get into a design rut with email creative, and put your program’s look and feel on autopilot. But why let your email design go stale when there’s so much potential to find creative inspiration?

I love looking at what other brands are doing to help discover new ideas and make improvements to our own email creative. And it’s not just the design that’s inspiring, but the subject lines too.

Sender Index, the newest tool from Return Path, gives email marketers the opportunity to see recent campaigns and subject lines to get that spark you’re looking for to step up your email marketing efforts. You can explore hundreds of recent email campaigns, updated every other week, to see what brands across every industry are sending.

Not only does Sender Index give you a peek at the creative being sent out, but you get access to performance metrics as well. A beautiful email design and creative subject line only make an impact if they get delivered to the inbox. Sender Index shows you the inbox placement percentage and spam placement percentage, so you can see which emails look good and made it to the inbox.

Do you want more campaigns and performance metrics? Sender Index is a free version of the Browse Campaign feature in Return Path’s Inbox Insight, which gives you instant access to millions of messages and engagement data from over two million consumer inboxes. To upgrade your access, request a demo and find out more about what Inbox Insight has to offer.

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