Father’s Day Inspiration From Mother’s Day Email Campaigns

Father’s Day is fast approaching!  Is your email strategy in place?  As competition for subscriber attention in the inbox continues to grow, it’s important to have a solid approach in place to successfully engage during key holidays, when volume often rises.  With Mother’s Day just a few weeks behind us, perhaps we can glean some learnings (and spark some inspiration!) from these recent campaigns:

Stride Rite

Key learning: Know your audience.  As a maker of children’s shoes, Stride Rite knows their customers are parents.  So the email sent by the company’s president “from one mom to another” that includes a personal greeting (“Dear Bonnie”) is an effective way to target the message and stand out in the inbox.

Inspiration: Embrace your emotional side!  A heartfelt personal note (without an ulterior motive!) can forge a deeper connection with subscribers – and increase the likelihood they’ll purchase from you the next time they are ready to buy.


Key learning: Content connects.  Smithsonian takes a slight departure from their usual newsletter content to feature articles that are all about mothers.  With topics like recent studies on 21st century moms, unorthodox foods for Mother’s Day, and animals that make the best moms, it’s an appropriate nod to the day that anyone can enjoy!

Inspiration: Mix it up!  Your subscribers don’t have to be a mom (or dad!) to appreciate well thought out, themed content.  Use the Day as a directional approach for crafting fun content that connects with your audience.


Key learning: Sometimes more is more.  Zulily integrated Mother’s Day messaging repeatedly into their mailstream.  With special content in regular emails during the few days prior, and a separate greeting on the Day, they got a lot of mileage out of their exclusive video.

Inspiration: Think series.  What content elements can you pepper into your mailstream leading up to Father’s Day?


Tiger Direct

Key learning: Know when to draw the line.  Tiger Direct sent a Mother’s Day email campaign offering an innovative new product: “The Hubbinator” robot husband.  Unfortunately, many subscribers didn’t appreciate the humor, as evidenced by the negative customer feedback received following the campaign.

Inspiration: Humor is in the ear of the listener (or reader in this case).  Be open to using a fun, different approach, but be sure to implement a reality check.  Will your mom, husband, or CEO appreciate the joke?

Tell us what approach has worked for you in the past.  And let us know how these learnings and inspirations help craft your upcoming Father’s Day campaigns!

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