Farewell Michael Tsui

I learned last week that we at Return Path lost a teammate, a trusted advisor, and a friend in Michael Tsui (known by many by his given name, Xu Zhigang).

Michael led our expansion efforts into China, developing and strengthening key partnerships among the email technology community there, and building business relationships in the same way he built friendships, with a quiet, thoughtful approach and a genuine, welcoming heart. His contribution to our growth is an important part of the Return Path story, but we will always remember him first for his warmth and generosity.

Over the years Michael grew close to a number of us, often inviting colleagues to his home and sharing a glimpse into what he loved most in the world, his family. He chose to transition from a full-time role to become a contractor for Return Path partly because he wanted to be home more often to spend time with his son and provide more care for his mother-in-law. Michael knew his priorities.

Usually soft-spoken, always insightful, Michael left a powerful impression on everyone who knew him here. His loss has been felt far beyond Return Path, within the email community in the US and throughout Asia and Australia where he touched the lives of virtually everyone in our industry. We will be forever grateful for the professional expertise and guidance he offered as a co-worker, but none of us will forget the example he set as a father, a husband, and a person.

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