Email Strategies: What's Hot, What's Not

There’s a new email marketing tactic or strategy popping up every day. For many marketers, optimizing your email program can easily become a game of whack-a-mole. And the rules of the game are constantly changing as your email program and subscribers evolve over time.

To find out the key strategies email marketing influencers incorporate into their own programs, Return Path, in partnership with Ascend 2, fielded the Email Marketing Strategy Survey. The responses of over 100 email marketing influencers were analyzed and compiled into our eBook Email Marketing Campaign Strategies. Here are some key takeaways to fine tune your email marketing strategy.

Goals and Barriers
Email personalization was the highest email marketing priority for more than half of B2C marketing influencers. Marketers were also focused on increasing subscriber engagement (47 percent) and improving customer retention (44 percent). But these aren’t simple endeavors. Those same priorities were identified as the most significant barriers to strategic success, as efforts to personalize are limited by the collection of quality data (46 percent), while lack of personalization limits customer engagement (44 percent).

Key Takeaway: Data analytics should drive marketing strategy and not the other way around. The ability to effectively capture, analyze and leverage quality data for email personalization is increasingly the cornerstone of a successful program. A data-driven strategy allows individualized email messaging and behavior-triggered emails for increased engagement and retention.

Let’s Get Personal
While improving email personalization is a common goal for email marketers, the effectiveness of personalization tactics and the required level of execution vary. The greatest majority of respondents found individualized email messaging to be as successful (48 percent) as it is difficult (48 percent).

Key Takeaway: Understanding which personalization tactics are most effective for your email program will help focus your efforts. As you execute these tactics, continue to reevaluate their effectiveness as your customer needs, interests and expectations evolve. Email marketing strategy is about evolution, not revolution.

Read the full report for more email marketing campaign strategies. And to find out what role technology can play in your program’s success, read Technology is Changing, Is Your Marketing Strategy?


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