Email Promotes Immediate Purchase

Good news from Jupiter Research, confirming the power of email to drive commerce. A recent study found that 60% of consumers immediately bought items from an email promoting products they had previously thought of purchasing. (Jupiter Research 2005)

Email plays a powerful role in turning web researchers and/or site browsers into buyers. There are a number of ways marketers are using email now to engage with prospects, and the emergence of integrated and easy-to-use targeting and segmentation technologies will make it even more powerful and easier in the future. Consider these ideas for your own program:

  • Send product-specific email offers to website visitors who have requested whitepapers or product information.
    Track clicks from your emails and trigger offer-specific messaging to make future emails more relevant.
  • Think in campaigns. Your weekly newsletter emails can be telling an ongoing story that educates subscribers about product utility and benefits. Thus, your newsletter is like the online research phase of the buying cycle. Subsequent promotional emails promote purchase.
  • Use email to follow up on local store events. Collect email address and permission at the door, offering a 5% in-store coupon for use that day. For those who do not purchase in-store, use email offers to entice them further.
  • Trigger custom email for website browsers who do not complete a transaction. Many of our retailer and B2B clients also use this technique to re-engage with customers who abandon shopping carts.
  • Offer research opportunities in the email itself. Even a little bit of content (e.g.: tips, factoids, product use ideas, testimonials, up sells, etc.) can turn a pure promotion email into an engaging subscriber experience.

Let us know what is working and not working for you!

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