Email Myth Buster: My ESP has ESP.

MYTH #3 – It’s my ESPs job to fix my deliverability.

WHY THIS IS FANTASY. Mostly not true.  Sure, your ESP might be causing some delivery issues because their infrastructure isn’t set up properly, or maybe they placed your IP on a shared IP that has poor delivery, but this is usually the exception and not the rule.  You, the sender, are positively absolutely in charge of your own email deliverability and reputation.  Your reputation is determined by the quality of your lists (meaning low unknown users and no spam traps), complaints, message quality, and subscriber engagement, all which the sender controls and not the ESP.

THE PLAIN TRUTH: Unless you address the root cause of your poor reputation, no ESP can get you delivered to the inbox. Learn more about why you need an ESP in addition to deliverability monitoring services by downloading this whitepaper.

What’s your take? Did we bust this myth?

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