Email Myth Buster: Free is a Dirty Word

MYTH #2 – Certain words like “free” and symbols like the exclamation point (!) should be avoided because they trigger spam filters.

WHY THIS IS FANTASY. Not really.  Most spam filtering systems are based off reputation today and therefore, content plays a very small role in that filtering decision.  If you’re unsure if your content is triggering spam filters, use a tool like Campaign Preview to test against the major spam filters to see if there are any filtering issues. Then, send a pre-deployment test to our Mailbox Monitor tool to see if there are any filtering problems you need to be worried about.

THE PLAIN TRUTH: If you have a good reputation, more often than not your reputation will override any content filter, but that doesn’t mean it’s never a factor. If you’re sending our third party content or templates used by others, your content might have a bad reputation assigned to it as it could be associated with other senders’ bad reputation.  So yes, your content can have a bad reputation but the fact is that it isn’t necessarily due to the content itself.

What’s you take? Did we bust the myth?

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