Email Insights from 3 Large Retailers

Last month, Tom Sather and I conducted a webinar that reviewed some holiday email trends for retailers. In addition to looking at trends for the top 100 retailers highlighted in Return Path's Email Intelligence Report, we conducted a case study of the email programs for Kohl's, J.C. Penney, and Sears. With much talk in the news about these "struggling" retailers, we wanted to see how these retailers were using email to support their holiday campaigns in the last 3 months of 2012.  How did the email channel perform for these senders?

Day of Week Insights

Email marketers often ask, "What is the best to day send email?" If you look at the sending patterns of these three retailers during Q4, we found that Friday was the most popular day to send email for the group of senders (while Wednesday was the most popular individual day for J.C. Penney). Given that many subscribers are likely shopping on the weekends, sending emails loaded with coupons and offers on Friday makes sense. The fact that J.C. Penney's pricing strategy didn't rely on discounts as much as Kohl's and Sears might be the reason that Wednesday was their most popular day (no need to push coupons on Friday).



Interested in getting more insights like which sender had the highest read rate or who sent the most campaigns? Or seeing if more segmentation resulted in more engagement? For answers to these questions and tips on conducting your own competitive intelligence, watch the on-demand webinar now.






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