Email Inboxes and the Iowa Caucus

Most years, Iowa’s top exports are corn, tractors and pork. But on Feb. 1, 2016, the Hawkeye State’s chief export was drama. The Iowa caucus has long been a make-or-break event for presidential candidates. A win in Iowa typically means precious donor money will come rolling in; a loss is often seen as a portend of a campaign’s demise. When the votes were tallied this time around, there was a major upset, a virtual tie and the end of the road for four candidates.

Marketing strategies coincide with the success or failure of each candidate. The two weeks preceding an election are crucial for so-called “get out the vote” efforts. Those who effectively harness marketing communications can expect to perform better than those who do not. So, with email as our guide, let’s see what can be learned by those who fared well at the 2016 Iowa caucus.

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