Email Heroes Unmasked! [New eBook]

When it comes to stories about the struggle between good and evil through fantastical special effects and classic storytelling, most people imagine their favorite superheroes on the big screen. But at Return Path, our heroes are on the small screen. Their special effects are responsive design, their stories are told through email. These heroes are our customers.

Though they don’t fight crime in colorful spandex suits–these heroes go above and beyond to connect with their subscribers through campaigns that arrive in the inbox and content that is relevant and valuable.

In this second issue of our ongoing Guardians of the Email Universe series, we unmask five email heroes who use their email superpowers to create a captivating email program.

In this ebook, we share a few of these heroes’ stories, including:

  • How GlobalGiving uses email magnetism to achieve over 99 percent deliverability at top mailbox providers

  • How Vimeo’s invincible emails allow them to maintain over 99 percent deliverability at Yahoo and Microsoft

  • How Rogers Media’s campaigns of steel protected their program while transitioning email service providers

These email heroes have harnessed the power of email to connect with customers like never before. Do you have what it takes to become an email hero? Read their stories to find out.

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