Email Deliverability – What do Marketers Really Think?

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Validity is delighted to be partnering with the DMA to produce the “2020 Email Deliverability – A Journey into the Inbox” report, and we’ll be co-hosting a webinar on June 2 to launch it!

Far more than just another benchmark report, we consider the views of more than 200 major email program owners as they respond to questions like:

  • How strong is your understanding of deliverability?
  • What are the biggest obstacles to achieving good deliverability?
  • How do you measure success?
  • What is the financial impact for your business?

These insights are so important. Email consistently ranks well when it comes to messaging effectiveness, but to paraphrase the old saying, “Nothing good comes easy!”

To be effective, senders first need to get their emails delivered…and it’s not easy! Part science, part art, deliverability is the definitive conundrum wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. Understanding how marketers think about email deliverability (and how they measure it) is crucial to helping them improve their performance against this most challenging metric.

In the 2019 edition of this report, we identified a big gap between understanding of deliverability best practices, and actually implementing them, with a large part of this gap reflecting lack of strategy. We also learned this had a major impact on program performance with 30% of respondents reporting a major blacklisting within the past five years.

This year we’ve got an even more interesting set of findings. We can’t share too many of them in advance, but as a sneak peek, I’ll tell you the single biggest perceived obstacle to deliverability is poor data quality (and the primary reason for this is even more surprising to say the least!). You’ll definitely want to register for the webinar to find out more.

We’ll also be sharing deeper insights around where new email subscribers are being sourced from (another surprising finding!), how much of a typical email list is “suspect”, tactics for bringing down high bounce rates (a major deliverability concern), and how much email senders are spending on their deliverability…plus a lot more!

The report is available on June 2, and you can sign up for the official launch webinar here. Join me, Tim Bond (Head of Insight and PR at the DMA), Steve Lunniss (Head of CRM for Wowcher), and Kate Barrett (Founder of eFocus Marketing). We’ll review the report’s findings, discuss implications for programs like Wowcher, and answer your most pressing questions about all things deliverability.
It’s going to be a great event. Sign up now and join us for a fascinating new set of deliverability insights!



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