Email Best Practice #4: Send More Relevant Messages

Creating the kind of relevancy that improves response and retention is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is offer choice, segment your file, tailor the creative and listen to your subscribers. The problem is that creating relevancy under a broadcast email marketing approach is completely inconsistent. Broadcast email –the old batch and blast approach – is relevant to only a small portion of the file at any given time. There is a trifecta of penalties against any marketer using a broadcast approach.

  • The Recession. To beat down marketing costs, more marketers are sending more and more email messages. The clutter is overwhelming. And both consumer and professional buyers are being cautious about their spending overall and are therefore making decisions to buy more slowly.
  • Social Media. Subscribers are spending less time in their inboxes and more time in other online, social communities.
  • The Cost of Fatigue. In email, there is a strict penalty for not being relevant: it’s the “miss” behind your response rates and tracked via complaint rate, unsubscribe requests and (sometimes worse) your inactive rate. Each of these rises in direct proportion to how relevant your messages are.

ACTION ITEM: Take our Email Marketing Wizard Quiz to uncover ways you can create more relevancy for your program.

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