e-book: Email Metrics Troubleshooter


As an Email Intelligence company, data is the backbone of our business.  And, as a consultant working for an Email Intelligence company, I spend a lot of time with clients helping them know the data that is available to them, understand what the various data points may indicate, and educate them how they can use that data to proactively manage the health of their email program.  

While every email program is different – with different revenue models, messaging goals, and subscriber demographics – there are some factors that remain the same.  For example, lack of clear permissioning at sign up will almost always generate complaints from new subscribers – regardless of the business model of the company (a publisher, retailer, and online dating site may all experience this same situation).  

We’ve summarized some of the most common data scenarios we come across in working with our clients.  Using key metrics, such as open rates, bounce rates, and unsubscribe rates, the new Email Metrics Troubleshooter e-book provides a quick-reference guide for understanding what each metric (and/or combinations of metrics!) may indicate – along with steps you can take for addressing each.

I hope you find the e-book to be a helpful as you navigate through your data trends!


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