Dreamforce 2019, Data Quality, and the Top 3 Benefits for Your Business

Dreamforce 2019 was a blast. True to form, Salesforce delivered another superbly executed, beautifully appointed, and thoughtful event. They gave us a chance to learn from our community, to connect face-to-face with business partners from across the globe, and have some fun with the rest of the amazing Salesforce Ohana. We even had access to monk-led meditation sessions so we could be less overwhelmed – smart, very smart.


What’s Most Important in CRM Data Management?

When you attend a major event like Dreamforce, it isn’t hard to find the theme packed in the big reveals – Einstein Voice, the next best action, Customer 360 Truth, and deeper partnerships with industry leaders like Amazon and Microsoft.

But there is an underlying current we all need to get swept away on: data quality.

All these things are powered by data. Customer 360 is great, but what happens when you have duplicates or unstandardized data in Salesforce? Voice recognition is equally as helpful, but is it the only platform we need to empower our sales teams?

Don’t get me wrong, these advancements are awesome – but they will mean nothing to you unless you get back to brass tacks and get your data and the processes around your data right.

Top 3 Things Data Quality Does for Your Business

Validity is passionate about data quality because of the doors it unlocks for your organization. Here are the top 3 things data quality does for an organization.

1. Establishes solid customer relationships from the start.

From the moment your prospect fills out a form to keeping in touch over the life of the relationship, data quality will matter. Email and address verification and deduplication have a positive impact on both your customer and employee relations and your reputation in the market.

2. Enables the adoption of advanced technologies.

New technology in the Salesforce/CRM space largely looks to data to help organizations improve their current pace of business success. If the data you are using now is unreliable in reports, it will only prove to slow down or completely halt the implementation of different technologies.

3. Improves campaign ROI.

Data that is deduplicated, standardized and continuously monitored and maintained enables better segmentation of data, so you target the right audience with the right message and have a truer picture of how well your message performed.

Simply put, better data makes a better business.

Learn about the top 4 data quality considerations here.

So, what are you waiting for? Start 2020 off right. Contact us today and learn how we can get you on the fast track to superior data quality.

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