Doing well by doing good, part 2

Today we announced our Sender Score Certifed Nonprofit program, making official the policy we’ve always held about accreditation: if nonprofits can qualify, they should enjoy the same benefits as commercial mailers. Even if they can’t afford to “pay to play”.

Though nominal, the fees associated with Sender Score Certified have kept many nonprofit organizations from seeking acceptance — despite the fact that there have never been licensing fees for nonprofits, even when the program first launched as Bonded Sender years ago. The perceived hassles of application time and effort are also now non-issues, since we shortened the application process for everyone when re-launching Bonded Sender as Sender Score Certified earlier this year. Sender Score Certified Nonprofit is a truly easy, virtually cost-free program.

By formalizing our Sender Score Certified Nonprofit program, we strive to raise awareness of the great benefits qualifying nonprofits receive:
– Increased delivery at more than 123,000 domains, including Hotmail/MSN and Roadrunner
– Higher email response rates, based on more email reaching the inbox
– More time to focus on content and strategy, with email deliverability being less of a challenge

We aim to give all nonprofits who can qualify the same benefits that their commercial counterparts enjoy — extra delivery assurance, though without the extra cost. More than twenty nonprofits currently use this program, and we hope that many more will soon join so they can reap the rewards of their solid email reputations and practices.

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