Does Santa Claus Get More Emails or Letters, and Other Fun Stats

One of my most favorite memories of Christmas was writing a letter to Santa. My mother supplied me with special stationary, and I always used my best penmanship. With email taking over the written letter, I wondered, have children switched to email to send their thoughts and wishes to Santa?

The art of letter writing is not dead – at least not for children. Children still overwhelming mail handwritten letters to Santa Claus rather than email them. While the exact number isn’t known, the wiki page on Santa Claus had the following:

“In France, by 6 December 2010, a team of 60 postal elves had sent out reply cards in response to 80,000 e-mail on-line request forms and more tna 500,000 physical letters.”

“Canada Post has a special postal code for letters to Santa Claus, and since 1982 over 13,000 Canadian postal workers have volunteered to write responses. His address is: Santa Claus, North Pole, Canada, H0H 0H0.”

 “In 2009, 1,000 workers answered 1.1 million letters and 39,500 e-mail on-line request forms from children in 30 different languages, including Braille.”

Children writing letters, as opposed to emails, probably has more to do with the fact that few children have an email address. A UK study showed that less than 25% of children under the age of 10 possess one.

Nonetheless, I was amazed at the time and effort Santa put into not only writing letters back, but also replying to emails. And if he did reply, how many emails reached the inbox and did he have a good response rate? The good news is that Santa is a very good email marketer. His domain,, is properly authenticated, and his IP addresses all have very good reputations with Sender Scores ranging from 87 to 98 and sending very high volumes of email.

I also saw Santa mailing from other domains, like The latest campaign Santa sent to children had nearly 3 of 4 children reading his emails, with absolutely no one deleting his message without reading it. Santa should also be proud that he had 100% inbox delivery and no children marked his email as spam. Santa clearly uses email intelligence to reach his target audience and ensure he can reply to everyone.

Want to send Santa Claus an email? It’s not too late to let Santa know what you’re wishing for this year, thanks to the speed and efficiency of email. Here are some resources:

Google Santa Tracker: Not only will Santa email you, but he’ll email you a personal recording letting you know your gift is on the way.

Official Santa Mail: Santa’s official email is [email protected] and he can respond in seven different languages.

NORAD: You email NORAD at [email protected] to find out if Santa is getting closer to your house. Last year, NORAD responded to over 8,000 emails inquiring on Santa’s whereabouts.

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