Do you need a vacation?

When was the last time you went somewhere exotic? Or experienced a different culture? Wouldn’t you just love to fly to a faraway country and immerse yourself in new foods, experiences, and languages? Well, you’re not alone: your subscribers do, too.

Often, marketers get stuck in a rut sending campaigns that look and perform the same week after week. Why? Because it’s the way it’s always been, or it’s the formula that works, or it’s easy to execute. But this kind of routine gets stale quickly both for the marketer measuring performance (and looking at that same creative week after week), and for the subscriber bored with each predictable email campaign.

So, let’s take a vacation!

Go somewhere exotic. Marketers are keenly aware of their direct competitors’ strategies. But, most stop there. Instead, consider signing up for multiple email programs in a completely different vertical market. Retailers, B2B Service Providers, Publishers, Financial Companies, and Third Party Advertisers all have vastly different business goals, but share the same communication channel. View email from a completely different perspective, and immerse yourself in the experience.

Learn another language. Many marketers rely on the same keywords and phrases to drive subscriber behavior. Take note of the call-to-action verbiage and copy treatments the other vertical marketers are using in their programs. Stretch your vocabulary to include some of their new and different approaches that may work for your business.

Try something new. Be bold and implement a new tactic that you’ve seen in these other exotic emails. Even implementing a single new element, such as a headline treatment or call-to-action button, can freshen a stale approach.

Keep a souvenir. Don’t leave your memories behind. Measure the impact of implementing that new and exotic flavor into your program, and keep it as a reminder of your adventure, and motivation for the next one!

Plan your next vacation. Don’t let the inspiration end! Stay refreshed and connected to the exciting and exotic by regularly looking at a variety of other email programs. Be open to the experience and continue to try new things!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s go — it’s time for a vacation!

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