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DMA Awards 2020: Pursue Excellence and Success Will Follow

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At Validity, we know how important it is to keep our finger on the pulse of industries at the heart of our mission. An essential part of that is recognising extraordinary brands for doing extraordinary things. After all, excellence is taking the ordinary and doing it in an extraordinary way. We know Validity customers fit the bill neatly, and that’s why we’d like to help you build award entries destined for celebration. As such, we’ll bring you a handful of blogs over the next few weeks to give you the tips and advice you need to develop an award-winning submission.

The Data and Marketing Association (DMA) provides a community for more than 1,000 UK members from the data and marketing space, to collaborate with the goal of driving “the data and marketing industry forward to meet the needs of people today and tomorrow.”

Validity is a strong advocate and partner to the DMA and all they do to enable the industries so close to our heart. So much so that earlier this year, the DMA and Validity partnered to produce an industry-leading eBook on the “Journey to the Inbox.”

The DMA Awards is an annual event, attracting entries from brave brands and the agencies they partner with, alongside tech and innovation suppliers, for 39 years.

There’s something for everyone at the DMA Awards, with 35 categories available, including a newly introduced category this year, “The Thoughtful Marketing Category.” Excellence comes in all shapes and sizes, so entries are encouraged from a multitude of organisations; whether you’re a household name, a start-up disrupting the market, or anything in between.

Validity is sponsoring two categories of the awards this year. First, “Best Use of Email,” a category we see examples of from Validity customers on a daily basis. Email is now more important than ever for brands wanting to remain connected with their customers, and we’ve seen some incredible initiatives across both the B2C and B2B space this year.

Secondly, we live in a data-driven era and we know having high quality data is the underpinning of any successful campaign within today’s competitive landscape. That’s why the category “Best Data Storytelling” really brings together what we stand for at Validity.

The DMA Awards pit some of the best and brightest against each other, making the awards not only prestigious, but some of the toughest competition out there. Those who stand above the rest excel across three key pillars; strategy, creativity, and results.

To help build your winning entry, we’ll break down these three pillars and what the judges will be looking for in our next blog in this series coming to you in late August. If you’re thirsty for more, find the DMA Awards Entry Guide here.

Final entries for The DMA Awards 2020 are due on 25 September.



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