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DMA Awards 2020: Dare to Be Judged

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The final blog in our run-up to the 2020 DMA Awards will shine the limelight on past winners. The 2019 DMAs was a notable success for the Validity community, with two “Best Use of Email” category winners.

First Direct – 2019 Silver Best Use of Email

First Direct’s objective was to make mortgages more personal, driven by a clear rethink in approach. The inbox is a busy place nowadays and creative must be designed to stand out from the crowd to be successful. The Mortgage Map stood out indeed, allowing customers to plot their position on an interactive map with an eye-catching, yet simple approach to the mortgage lifecycle.

This provided customer information to empower future data-driven campaigns, which replaced blanket mortgage messaging with more personalised, targeted communication. This saw an incredible result of open rates 14.28% above the financial services benchmark.

This campaign clearly resonated with the UK public, with an average click-through rate 380% higher than industry average. This resulted in an ROI of 24:1 to date.

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Direct Line – 2019 Bronze Best Use of Email

The beauty of bold marketing is taking a product and turning it into an urgent need. Direct Line did exactly this when the brand found a quarter of UK households have no contents insurance. This prompted a question: When are people purchasing higher value items? Two major cultural triggers in the UK fit the criteria: Black Friday and the January sales.

Red Saturday was designed to complement, not compete, with Black Friday, and initially the email was targeted at uninsured customers, appearing in the inbox when they’d be on the lookout for Black Friday deals, using the headline “It’s not a bargain if you end up buying it twice.” The topic was repeated after Christmas with targeted messaging and a discount.

The campaign resonated immediately and resulted in a 216% uplift in email open rate, with combined campaign results of a 20:1 return on investment.

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We know success

At Validity, we see success every day within our community, putting us in a great position to bring value to DMA Award judging. This year, we’re delighted to have two of our team on the panel. Let’s introduce them and ask, “What was your favourite campaign from the past 12 months?”

Guy Hanson, vice president, customer engagement (international)
Guy is a passionate advocate for intelligent use of customer data to drive responsive sales and marketing programs. With knowledge spanning 20 years, he is globally recognised as an email and data thought leader. Guy has had long-term involvement with the DMA, currently sitting on the email council and actively involved with key pieces of research.

Guy’s Favourite 2020 Campaign: Admiral
One of the finest examples we’ve seen of “giving something back” came from Admiral Insurance. The message was, You’ve all been under lockdown, you’re not driving anywhere, and our claims have fallen significantly – we’re going to share some of that back with you, our customers.

What was remarkable is, while Admiral generated great reputation metrics, they still needed to deal with the challenge of getting an email to every single customer on their list. As we saw from Validity’s data, there wasn’t even a ripple in their reputation scores, and it’s a really great illustration of the power of positive engagement.

Priyanka Roy, director, customer success (EMEA)
Priyanka has more than 15 years of experience in various SaaS environments where she has always been passionate about email and data. Priyanka has also contributed as a thought leader, sharing her email insights at industry events like Festival of Marketing, Future of Email, Emarsys Revolution, and several Return Path Academies.

Priyanka’s Favourite 2020 Campaign:
This sender faced a problem common to many travel businesses during the COVID-19 lockdown – no inventory. had to get really creative to keep their email program ticking over, and showcased some great innovation by:

  • Harnessing email to position as the guiding voice in travel;
  • Introducing “The Holiday Club” to engage with families;
  • Using gamification with the introduction of the “Big Holiday Quiz”; and
  • Injecting blog content directly into emails with up-to-date info on COVID-19 and travel.

These approaches were highly successful and subscribers responded with CTR uplifts of up to 32%.

Read our recent case study with here.

Our judges look forward to seeing your bold and exciting entries to this year’s DMA Awards! If you’re keen to know more, they’ll be publishing an upcoming blog post on 21 October.

The late entry deadline for the DMA Awards is Friday 25 September.