Discover the "Hidden" Metrics of Email Deliverability [New Research]

All email marketers know, to achieve the highest ROI, your decisions need to be backed by data. Marketers use list size, open rate, click-through rate, and other engagement based metrics provided by their ESP’s to analyze their performance and predict future success. Unfortunately, these marketers have a gap in their understanding—and ultimately their predictions—because they are unable to access the right metrics to ensure their emails land in the inbox.

To ensure their users only get the email they want, mailbox providers like Microsoft, Google, Yahoo!, and AOL rely on signals from engagement-based metrics to help increase their chances of catching unwanted email before it hits the inbox. Using engagement-based filtering, mailbox providers are able to look at more than just sender reputation to get a better understanding of the type of email that comes through their filter.

In our new benchmark, The Hidden Metrics of Email Deliverability, we detail the “hidden” metrics that every marketer should be tracking to ensure their emails land in the inbox, including:

  • A detailed overview of the hidden metrics and how they are calculated
  • The effects each metric has on your email program
  • Industry specific rates by quarter for each metric

By using these missing metrics, marketers can find hidden gaps in their email programs, allowing them to optimize their email programs, boost engagement, and increase their ROI.

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