Demand Accurate Deliverability Data!

Here at Return Path we talk a lot about how good deliverability yields great response. The concept is so simple to us that we find it a little hard to believe that some marketers still don’t monitor deliverability. Unfortunately, some marketers think they have all the information they need to accurately measure the success of their program, but the problem lies with the data they are receiving. It’s just not complete. Most marketers are looking at simple bounce reports and making assumptions that their email reached the inbox. Unfortunately, the email that didn’t bounce may be delivered to the junk folder or be blocked completely – a purgatory state that we call “missing.”

To understand this problem, you need a comprehensive email delivery report to truly gauge the impact of your email marketing program. If your reports don’t tell you what percentage of your email was placed in the inbox or junk folder and what percentage went missing in cyberspace, your analysis is flawed.

Wouldn’t you like to know the truth about your email program? Consider this. On average 20% of permissioned email gets blocked by ISPs. If 20% of your email got junked at Yahoo!, wouldn’t you like to know that so you can adjust your strategies? For example, if you were dedicating marketing budget to acquire Yahoo! addresses, wouldn’t you stop until you could ensure delivery at Yahoo!?

And factoring in that same metric wouldn’t your click through and conversion rates skew higher if you eliminated the 20% of subscribers that you knew never received your mail? By making that small adjustment to your methodology, you’re actually doing better than you thought!

Now consider this. What if you could get that same 20% delivered directly to the inbox? What would your response metrics look like then?

The point here is to make sure you are getting the right data. You’re being judged on the success of your email program. Therefore, you deserve to know where your email is going. Demand the right data. It’s worth it.

To find out more about the data you need and other great ways to improve email marketing results, join me and resident response expert, Margaret Farmakis for a 45-minute webinar on Thursday, June 11 titled “No Inbox, No Click. Get IN. Get Clicked. Earn ROI.” Register here.

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