Data Makes Everything Better—Including Sender Score

At Return Path, we’re dedicated to improving the email universe with our end-to-end solutions for email marketers and mailbox providers. In September, Return Path introduced EmailDNA: our advanced data analytic and artificial intelligence capabilities. As we continue investing in EmailDNA and expanding our rich data set, we took the opportunity to make enhancements to

Over the last decade, we’ve offered Sender Score as a free tool to help senders better understand the reputation of their IP addresses and domains. Now, we’ve updated the algorithms that power Sender Score with additional actionable recommendations on how to make improvements. The scoring is now more robust and representative of industry standards than ever before.

So why should you care about your Sender Score?

Sender Score shows email marketers the reputations of their IPs and domains along with how to fix issues they may have – making it easier to improve email marketing programs and send in line with industry best practices. All of these positive changes give senders an opportunity to deliver more mail into the inbox and gain better standing with major mailbox providers and filtering agencies. Our commitment to accurately measuring sender reputation is another way we lead the industry in email best practice innovation.

Wondering how you rank against other senders? Check your reputation now on!

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