Customized Action Plan Helps Company Increase Gmail Inbox Placement by 45 Percent

What can you do when the email channel is critical to the success of your business, but your emails aren’t reaching subscribers’ inboxes?  

This was the challenge for a well known skin care company who relies on email to inform subscribers about new products and offers, while also promoting product replenishment for past purchasers.  Over half of the email list is new-to-file every year, and the decision to purchase takes three to five months on average, so email is critical to keep the brand top of mind for subscribers while nurturing their path to conversion.  

This email program was experiencing decreasing inbox placement at Gmail, along with declining subscriber engagement across the email list. To address these concerns, their email team partnered with an Email Strategist from Return Path’s Consulting Services team to address Gmail deliverability concerns, increase overall subscriber engagement, and mitigate deliverability risk.

Return Path’s Email Strategist provided the brand with an analysis of their current email program, highlighting areas of vulnerability and opportunities for optimization, specifically focusing on Gmail. As the brand’s Assistant Manager, CRM & Digital Marketing explains, “I cannot be more thankful for our Email Strategist’s expertise, patience, and guidance. She did an amazing job of prioritizing our top concern (Gmail deliverability), distilling the data we provided, and forming customized recommendations around that. There was a lot to unpack, but we came out with a very clear action plan. Thanks to her recommendations and support, we’re in a better place with Gmail.”

Read the complete case study to find out what the company says was key to overcoming their email challenges, and learn what additional efforts are underway to optimize their email program for success.  

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