Cooler Idea: A Reader Offers Thoughts on Whitelisting

We love it when a cool idea fuels inspiration for more cool ideas.

One of our readers, Paul Broni of Inbox Interactive, wrote this in response to last week’s cool idea from Travelocity:

Why not take it one step further?

You know from the domain which set of instructions the recipient needs. Using variable or dynamic content, people using, for example, could get a link for instructions specific to them. Same goes for or

And if you can’t send dynamic content, you can always send specific text emails to these recipients, again with only the instructions applicable based on the email domain. The key for that email is to make it plain text to maximize deliverability.

It might be advisable to include Outlook instructions regardless as it is everywhere, and some email providers — Gmail, for example — allow for access via Outlook.

Just a thought. Enjoying your newsletter.

Thanks Paul!

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