Cool Email Idea: Your Order has Arrived Email

What: Your order has arrived email

Who: Adagio Teas

Why we love it: Most e-tailers send a series of post-purchase emails that often include an order confirmation and a shipping notice. But very few send a message to tell you your order has been delivered. This quick note from Adagio Teas lets you know your order arrived – so if you don’t have it, you know immediately to investigate. This email also furthers their brand positioning with fun graphics and consumer-friendly copy.

What would make it better: We love the simple, uncluttered design of this email, but a little cross-selling and up-selling wouldn’t hurt. You have to be careful to not upset the balance of transactional intent versus marketing, but a link or two wouldn’t hurt this email. At the very least a simple “Come back and shop with us again!” with a link would be more than appropriate here.

Bonus points: Asking for feedback in email is always best practice and in this type of email it’s essential, so Adagio Teas gets a gold star for their “email us now if there was a problem” link. Of course, the timing of this email offers a perfect opportunity to ask for specific feedback, perhaps with a survey. It can be hard to get customers to go back to an order confirmation or shipping note to take a survey, but the timing of this email makes it an ideal vehicle for that.

Check it out: Sign up for email marketing messages from Adagio at To get this message you will have to place an order.

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