Cool Email Idea: Weekly Activity Report

What: Weekly Activity Report

Who: Realty Tracker

Why we love it: Realty Tracker was a site that collected leads on behalf of real estate agents around the country. They sent teasers for those leads by email several times per week. They also sent this weekly Activity Report with a summary of available leads. To make this email as valuable as possible, they included great content that is aimed at making the agents more successful. For example, in the issue shown here they used research on what repeat buyers want from real estate agents. Past issues have included information about home sales trends, how to set goals and real estate marketing tactics. Of course, many of these tidbits speak directly to the service that Realty Tracker provided in the form of online lead generation.

What would make it better: They could have taken the content a step further and shown the agents how to apply the information to their business. So, if the vast majority of repeat buyers want help finding the perfect house, Realty Tracker might have advised that agents emphasize this point in their marketing efforts. This strategy would have solidified Realty Tracker as a partner in the agent’s success.

Bonus points: Like all the email Realty Tracker sent, the Activity Report was customized by the agent’s zip code to show them the leads available in their area. This increased the relevance and value of every email.

Check it out: Unfortunately Realty Tracker is no longer around … but still a great idea to steal!

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