Cool Email Idea: Special Election Day Edition

What: Super-Customized Content

Who: McCain/Palin

Why we love it: Since we previously praised the Obama campaign’s list-building efforts, it’s only fair to give a little “Cool Thing” shout-out to the GOP. Check out this super-relevant, highly-targeted email aimed at getting voters in swing-state Colorado headed to the polls early. The email includes the address of our polling location, driving directions, poll hours and more.

What would make it better: Branding is important, especially for short-lived campaigns. But using the top two inches of the template for the candidate photos and logo might not be the best use of that crucial preview pane space. While the call to action — Vote Today! — is probably seen on most screens, the best parts of this email — the maps, the directions, and so on — aren’t evident until you fully open.

Check it out: Too late to get this email, but we’ll see tonight if it helped them!

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