Cool Email Idea: Snack-Sized Newsletters

What: “Snack-sized” newsletters


Why we love it: Less is more. It’s a cliché that we preach a lot here at Return Path, but marketers have a hard time believing it. It’s too easy to fall into the “more is more” trap. Well MarketingProfs has embraced the message with a crop of new “snack-sized” newsletters. We have been long time fans of MarketingProfs content-rich newsletters … but often find ourselves shuttling them into the “To Read Later” folder for lack of time during a busy day. So we were thrilled to get an invitation to sign up for “snack-sized” newsletters. One topic, one article. They’ve launched the program with two issues … one on marketing inspiration and one on small business. The sign-up page also has several more editions to choose from, including B2B and marketing optimization, which they promise are coming soon.

What would make it better: The sign-up page makes frequency unclear. From the sample issues it looks like they are publishing each edition 2 or 3 times per week. That might be too much and could defeat the purpose of the program, particularly if someone signs up for multiple editions. In any event, they should be clear about the frequency at sign up and, if possible, offer the choice of getting fewer editions per week.

Bonus points: It’s always better to show than tell. The invitation email offers samples so would-be subscribers can see what they will be getting. We’d advise making these sample links more prominent on the actual sign-up page, too, where they are likely to increase the conversion rate. Also, getting subscribers to view a sample increases the chance they will recognize the newsletter when it arrives in their inbox, enhancing response rates.

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