Cool Email Idea: Self-Segmentation Email

What: Self-Segmentation Email

Who: State Line Tack

Why we love it: Looking for a quick and easy way to segment your file? Sometimes the best answer is to ask subscribers what they want. State Line Tack sent an email asking its newsletter subscribers to fill in a profile and identify themselves as either Western or English style riders. In horseback riding these distinctions are quite meaningful – different gear for both horse and rider, different types of clothing styles and so on. By getting subscribers to identify their riding style they can more easily focus their emails on the right products. Also, the whole process was simple: click on the update link, go to the form, choose your preference and hit submit. The whole thing was done in under 15 seconds.

What would make it better: The email itself should have been 100% focused on the preference page. Ancillary information about payment plans and navigation from the site risk distracting readers from the purpose of the email. This initiative is important enough to get standalone treatment. Also, the form had both Western and English pre-checked, which might seem confusing to some consumers. Finally, they might have been more specific in mentioning how quick the process is. Something like “Give us 15 seconds and we’ll give you better emails.”

Bonus points: What a great way to identify your most engaged subscribers! Anyone who responds to this email is likely to really want to hear from State Line Tack. These responders should be flagged for special messaging that leverages their engagement. Meanwhile, those who don’t respond should get a different series of emails aimed at re-engagement. And, they fulfilled their promise – the next email received was focused on English style gear.

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