Cool Email Idea: Responsive and Response-Driving Welcome Message

What: Responsive and Response-Driving Welcome Message

Who: Omaha Steaks

Why we love it: Omaha Steaks has long been the master chef of the “ride along” up selling offer. They elegantly take this concept to their welcome message which provides not just a hearty welcome in a letter signed by the Owner, but also a great filet mignon offer. The invitation at email subscription was clear – sign up to get great deals and special savings. This promise comes through from the very first email. The key goal of every Welcome Message should be to quickly establish the tenor and brand of the email program. This Welcome wastes no time: Omaha Steaks is committed to emailing you great savings offers.

What would make it better: Although true to the program promise, we’d love to see this Welcome Message do more to establish the relationship with new customers. This Welcome is all about the offer, which could be great for existing customers, but may be too blunt for new customers. Tell me how often to expect these emails (very important to manage expectations!), and provide a little insight about the great quality, as well as the value. Share a testimonial. Give the new customer some idea of how to fully utilize their new relationship with Omaha Steaks by highlighting some of the great features on the website: Set up reminders for important annual events, efficiently order online with any future delivery date, and personalized greeting cards. Plus, the Welcome Message is a great opportunity to encourage personal whitelisting (e.g.: add Omaha Steaks to your address book), which is missing here.

Bonus points: Other best practices in this Welcome Message are the prominent offer expiration date, the order telephone number, and viral offer to “Share your secret.”

Check it out: Sign up here

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