Cool Email Idea: Prominent Email Sign-Up

What: Prominent email sign-up

Who: BabyCenter

Why we love it: The BabyCenter homepage is designed to convert new visitors to email subscribers. Besides being amazingly prominent, the process is super-easy: it only requires email address and your child’s birth date or due date. They include links to sample newsletters, too, so that cautious consumers can see exactly what they will be getting. Finally, a prominent link to the privacy policy, reassures the spam wary.

What would make it better: While BabyCenter is upfront about third party offers (“BabyCenter may also send you valuable coupons, sales notices, and free offers from our partners.”) we think these messages could lead to complaints from subscribers who were only expecting newsletters. BabyCenter does offer opt-out of third-party messages after hitting “submit” but this might be missed by many, and isn’t as clear as it could be. While their third party list is likely larger as a result, they may also be seeing more complaints.

Bonus points: The newsletters fulfill the promise laid out at sign up. They are filled with good information that is timed to your baby’s developmental stage.

Check it out:

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