Cool Email Idea: Personality Quiz to Drive Engagement, Viral Marketing

What: Personality quiz to drive engagement, viral marketing

Who: Maybelline

Why we love it: Smart consumer product marketers know that email can be a great at branding and building loyalty. But how do you encourage interaction when direct sales is not the goal? Maybelline recently featured a “nail personality quiz” in its email. This was a simple little feature that told you what your favorite nail polish colors say about your personality. Quizzes always drive high click rates. Then, they incorporated a viral element by giving quiz-takers the option of sending their results to a friend. This email, in turn, included a call to action to take the quiz, closing the loop on the program.

What would make it better: The email to a friend is good, but could work a little harder for Maybelline. First, it needs a little explanation. Maybelline should assume that the sender won’t explain what this is, so the email should include copy like “Your friend took our Nail Personaility Quiz and here are her results. Wonder what your nail color choices say about you? Take our quiz now!” The email should also offer the recipient the option to sign up for email from Maybelline. This would be best to include under the results and should say something like “Get quizzes, how-to videos, plus special offers from Maybelline. Sign up for our email newsletter today.” This is especially true since the email sign up isn’t easy to find on their site.

Bonus points: The secondary promos in this email include a “how-to” video – another great way to encourage interaction.

Check it out: Sign up for email from Maybelline here:

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