Cool Email Idea: Optimized Unsubscribe Confirmation Message

What: Optimized Unsubscribe Confirmation Message

Who: Herrington

Why we love it: Most companies that send an email to confirm an opt-out send a plain text email with one or two boring lines like “You have been unsubscribed.” While that is certainly fine – it gets the job done, after all – it seems to us there is a way to make this touchpoint a bit more meaningful. Well, it appears that Herrington agrees with us. Their message is an excellent example of how a great unsubscribe experience can be a brand-building exercise. Their message confirms that you are opted out, but it also reminds you that you can re-join at any time. It even includes links back to the site along the left side. By the way, a key to making this work is that the message is instantaneous. If you don’t have a way to send these in real-time, then don’t bother. This isn’t the kind of message that can go in a batch.

What would make it better: We would advise making the opt out confirmation messaging a bit more prominent. You don’t want to run the risk that the subscriber mistakenly believes that you are sending them yet more email when they’ve asked to unsubscribe. They could also offer options besides re-joining a list that the subscriber doesn’t find interesting anymore. These options might include reduced frequency or different types of content.

Bonus points: The sale event promotion at the bottom is very smart. It doesn’t get in the way of the transactional messaging, but still takes advantage of this email for promotion.

Check it out:

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