Cool Email Idea of the Month

What: Smart use of archival material

Who: Clubessential

Why we love it: Clubessential is a company that creates customized Internet solutions for private clubs and organizations. Like many B2B companies, they produce a regular newsletter with interesting, valuable content. In particular, they link past articles at the bottom of the footer. This is a fantastic way to leverage the money you spend to create content and give new subscribers a sense of the depth and breadth of your offering. Plus, if the subscriber forwards this message on, their friend will immediately see the rich offerings that are available.

What would make it better: Include a teaser about what content to expect in the next issue to keep subscribers coming back for more.

Bonus points: This is also an example of how to use your footer space to maximize your marketing opportunity. Footers are too often wasted – Clubessential includes all the necessary legalese while also finding room for content with impact.

See the example by clicking here

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