Cool Email Idea of the Month

What: A truly welcoming welcome message

Who: Sherman’s Travel

Why we love it: Welcome messages are routinely underutilized and even ignored by many email marketers and publishers. Sherman’s Travel has one that employs nearly every best practice for this type of message. First, they include whitelisting instructions to take advantage of the new relationship to ensure deliverability. Second, it prompts you to start taking advantage of the offers immediately and also highlights the depth and breadth of content available on the site. For such a succinct message, it really packs in a lot of important and useful information. Finally, it’s written in a fun, friendly style that truly makes the reader feel, well, welcomed!

What would make it better: It would be great if this message had a similar layout to the messages that follow, to build recognition in anticipation of the first issue.

Bonus points: This message concludes with a line inviting unintended recipients to opt-out. It pains many marketers to highlight the unsubscribe in this way, but it’s always better to correct subscription mistakes before they turn into spam complaints.

Check it out :

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