Cool Email Idea: Email Welcome Series

What: Email Welcome Series


Why we love it: We’ve been evangelizing on the power of a welcome series to introduce new subscribers to your email program for a long, long time. But it’s still relatively rare to find a great example of one in action. HMV sends a three-message educational series about using their UK site that is really top-notch. The first message is a true welcome and gives the subscriber important information about their account. The second message is aimed at helping the subscriber navigate the site more efficiently by highlighting the search functionality and the recommendation features. Finally, the third message includes additional information about their pricing and return policies, a pitch for their “jukebox” feature and information about their email alerts program.

What would make it better: That email alert feature mentioned in the final email could be a standalone message as part of the series, or at least a more prominent feature. Getting subscribers to customize their email experience is a great way to provide relevance and value without the need for a lot of resources from the marketing team.

Bonus points: All three messages included a “help & information” box on the top right hand side, anchoring the series and providing easy access to customer service.

Check it out: You can see screen shots of this series in our new study on email subscriber experiences in the UK. Download it now. Of course you will also get these emails if you sign up at

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