Cool Email Idea: Email to Encourage Store Traffic

What: Email to encourage store traffic.

Who: Bath & Body Works

Why we love it: When Bath & Body Works launched their website, they didn’t do ecommerce so their email needed to build their brand and send traffic into the brick-and-mortar stores. Their solution was to create print-and-go coupon emails. This is great technique for increasing sales, plus it proves the value of email to store employees, making in-store email collection easier.

What would make it better: Viral marketing. People love to share coupons and savings, so encouraging that behavior would be a bonus. Plus, using a forwarding link would give Bath & Body Works a vehicle for enticing new people onto the list.

Bonus points: When the coupon expires they replace the graphic so that the email sitting in your inbox actually says “expired.” This saves recipients the hassle of having the coupon rejected and ensures that store personnel don’t inadvertently honor old promotions.

Check it out: Sign up at

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