Cool Email Idea: Customer Bulletins Based on Past Purchases

What: Customer Bulletins Based on Past Purchases


Why we love it: Discovering a new author is a thrill for many readers. extends this thrill by including promotions for authors you’ve read before in their regular “This Week at Barnes & Noble” emails. These promotions get inserted to alert readers when a new book by an author they’ve purchased in the past is now available for order. This sort of highly segmented, super-relevant email breaks through the clutter in most people’s inbox. It’s a good example of advertising becoming valuable by focusing on the information – your fave author has a new book.

What would make it better: More content! They should include professional and reader reviews and an excerpt. Make this email the complete package to help me decide if this new book is a must-have.

Bonus points: By folding this message into their regular weekly emails they make a message that could seem generic into a customized email.

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