Cool Email Idea: Call to Action for Email Capture

Where it is: TechWeb homepage

Why we love it: Crush the competition? Who doesn’t want to do that? This newsletter box screams “sign me up!” Of course, compelling calls to action don’t mean anything if taking the action is difficult. In this case, the easy-to-use box eliminates all barriers to sign up (i.e., no passwords, no demo data) so the compelling copy can do its job without hindrance.

What would make it better: More prominent placement. This sign-up box should be front and center on this page. It should also be placed in numerous places on the home page and throughout the site. The more the merrier. Email is one of the most reliable marketing tools available to keep people coming back to visit your site in a consistent way – real estate spent encouraging email capture is a good investment.

Bonus points: The content delivers on the promise. The newsletters they send are filled with news and important information that can help you do your job better (and, presumably, “crush the competition”). Of course, this is from a publisher, CMP – content is what they do. But don’t let that stop you! Any marketer, in any industry can create a compelling email newsletter. Don’t believe us? Check out the example from page 10 of Sign Me Up!

Check it out:

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