Cool Email Idea: A Viral Valentine

What: A Viral Valentine

Who: Nike

Why we love it: It’s sort of cheating to call something Nike does cool, but this email is worth noting. First, you often hear email experts talk about simplicity in email – “one email, one message.” But marketers find it exceedingly difficult to follow that advice and end up piling on message after message until it’s impossible for recipients to know what to do. Not this email – three images, one call to action. The email is laser-focused on getting readers to come to the site and watch three short films on sports. No product tie-ins are seen anywhere. Once you click through, the site is similarly simple adding only two additional calls to action: “Help kids get active” and “Share with a friend.” The share with a friend link produces a simple form that allows you to forward a copy of the original email with the three films. Here they have sacrificed a bit of customization for simplicity – might be nice to allow users to choose which films they want to share.

What would make it better: We’d definitely recommend a form that allows sharing with multiple friends. If the point is to be viral, then the more the merrier! Filling out the whole form several times is too hard – the mechanism is depressing the possible response.

Bonus points: We don’t tend to be big fans of the “don’t reply to this message” footer copy. But, if you are going to do that, giving the reader an alternate means of email questions and complaints is the way to go.

Check it out: Sign up for Nike promotions at See the films &mdash and send them to your friends! — here.

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