Congratulations to Brian Krebs, M3AAWG Mary Litynski Award Honoree

When cybercriminal attacks find their targets, there’s a good chance that KrebsOnSecurity has the story first. Investigative journalist Brian Krebs’ blog has become one of the world’s best sources of security news, shining an unwelcome light on criminal exploits, raising awareness of emerging threats, and spurring rapid implementation of advances that keep the online community safer. Today Krebs was honored with the M3AAWG Mary Litynski Award for his efforts to frustrate criminals and reduce the impact of their activities by publicizing them.

Announced at the M3AAWG 30th General Meeting in San Francisco, the Litynski Award is presented annually to people whose lifetime achievements contribute significantly to a safer internet. Krebs is an ideal choice. M3AAWG Co-Chairman Chris Roosenraad praised him for “creating a whole new world of journalism,” in the organization’s announcement, which came days after The New York Times offered a glimpse into Krebs’ sometimes risky antagonism of scam operators. His work has exposed an impressive list of high-profile attacks and data breaches, and Krebs emphasizes that information sharing is vital to defending users from increasingly sophisticated cybercriminal activity.

As Return Path and a host of companies like us play our own parts in the effort to use information to maintain trust in online communication and to protect consumers from fraud and abuse, it's gratifying to see this kind of recognition going to a true leader in the fight against cybercrime. The entire internet ecosystem is more secure because of his work, so we're excited to offer congratulations — and a huge 'thank you' — to Brian Krebs, winner of this year's Mary Litynski Award.

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