Congratulations Matt Blumberg – New Author!

There was no such thing as a field guide for how to run a high-growth business when Return Path was running out of office space and scrambling to hire teams around the world. Now there is. Matt Blumberg began writing his Only Once blog to talk about the challenges he faced as a first-time CEO (which you can only be once) because he wished there was a resource like it when Return Path started taking off. When Wiley approached him about contributing to Brad Feld’s Startup Revolution series, he saw the chance to write exactly the book he wanted to read in the company’s early days. It was officially released this morning: Startup CEO: A Field Guide to Scaling Up Your Business.

As a ten-year Return Path veteran, one of Matt’s key themes rings particularly true: So many entrepreneurs love starting businesses, but building a business is different. Return Path was 33 employees when I started. Today there are almost 400 of us in 13 offices around the world. Between then and now we’ve really been distinctly different businesses with different challenges and different needs. Matt’s managed to run them all, building and learning as he goes. It’s been a great ride for me and the rest of us, and thanks to this book, the ride for others at businesses like ours might be a lot less bumpy.

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