ClickZ Marketing Excellence Awards

We are proud to be nominated for this year’s ClickZ Marketing Excellence Awards in two categories: Email Innovation of the Year, for Sender Score Reputation Monitor, and Best Deliverability Service for Sender Score, overall. We are particularly excited about the recognition of our Sender Score Reputation Monitor innovation which was many years in the making and a real first-of-its-kind for mailers. By scoring all email senders’ reputations we make it possible for marketers to “see” their program the way that ISPs and other receivers do. This gives marketers a much easier way to evaluate the health of their email program.

We typically don’t put too much stock in awards, but the fact that these nominations are the result of happy clients and their recognition of our services pleases us immensely.

We applaud the ClickZ awards for spotlighting innovation and excellence in the interactive marketing space. It’s an honor to be nominated alongside so many top-tier companies who work to make our industry better and more responsive to client’s needs.

If you are a Return Path fan, please take a minute to cast your vote now. We very much appreciate the support.


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