Choose Your Own Adventure: 3 Quick Tips to Optimize Your Preference Center

Let’s be honest, people love choices. Everything in our world seems to have shifted from a “one size fits all” mentality to one of options and customization. So, shouldn’t your email program be the same way? Simply put, yes it should! The easiest way to customize your email program experience for your users is to implement a preference center. This puts the power in your subscriber’s hands, making them happy users and making your program’s reputation a great one. The problem with many preference centers out there is that subscribers either aren’t offered one or they are lacking in options. Fear not! Here, I have included three options that will spice up your preference center and allow users to choose their own email adventure.

 1. To hide away or come out and play
This should be a no-brainer in the email world, but you wouldn’t believe how difficult some marketers make it for subscribers to change their preferences! Make sure this option really stands out in your email, ensuring readers know the option to change their mail is always at their fingertips. This simple step makes you a major player in the competitive game of email marketing. Gap is a great example of a company that chose this step by putting their preferences in near the end of the message but in a highly visible section. This section also has a clean look and isn’t very text heavy, making the preference center easy to locate among the other options.

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2. Go it alone or make some friends
When it comes to your subscribers, people love a company that they feel is tailoring their marketing just for them. For example, there is nothing more annoying to me when it comes to email than getting a message about an event happening in a city that I don’t live in or receiving a promotion about men’s socks when I wanted to hear about women’s shoes. Get to know your subscribers!

  • Where do they live? This could determine if you’re sending them a deal on snow boots or sunscreen.
  • What are they interested in? This will influence how they interact with your mail.

Dillard’s is a great example of a company that really wants to get to know their subscribers in order to give them the best experience with their marketing efforts. By including the “Tell us about your interests…” column, they are truly putting the power into the user’s hands. Allowing a user to decide what kind of mail they want will eliminate any “surprise” factor when it comes to mail they receive from you, drastically reducing complaint rates.

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 3.  Clean break or a messy getaway
Don’t hide your unsubscribe button from customers! Keeping a visible unsubscribe button on your emails will allow those who no longer wish to receive your email to do so. While this isn’t what anyone wants, it is better than receiving a spam complaint. Yelp does an excellent job of placing their unsubscribe at the bottom of their email in a manner that is easily found while also pointing the subscriber to change their preferences should they not want to fully unsubscribe.pasted image 0 (8)

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