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Getting the support you need to optimize your email program is important. Whether you are new to email or an experienced sender, sometimes you need a little help to solve a problem. Not only does the Help Center have articles about optimizing your email program, but we have articles to help you maximize the benefits you get from our industry leading suite of email optimization products.

Return Path clients have full access to over one thousand help articles, including extensive product guides and tips, industry research and access to on-demand webinars. If you are not a Return Path client – no problem! We have hundreds of articles available to you that cover a variety of deliverability and email marketing best practices, mailbox provider insights, and troubleshooting tips.

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Mailbox providers are constantly evolving their spam filter technology, so it’s important to ensure you are consistently following their recommendations to reach the inbox.

Return Path Blocklist

Many mailbox providers, spam filter companies and security vendors use the Return Path Blocklist in their filtering decisions.


Authenticating your email is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity! Get the tips you need to make sure you are authenticating your email correctly.

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