Ch-ch-ch-ch Changes

For those of you who have known Return Path for a long time, you know that Jennifer Wilson has been here running the show for our marketing (and various other things on and off) since we acquired Veripost back in 2001 — and for Veripost for a year before that. Jennifer is leaving the company next week as she prepares for her second baby and a full-time career as a mom.

It’s often said that the five stages of emotional response to a loss are: (1) denial, (2) bargaining, (3) anger, (4) despair, (5) acceptance. I never really hit “anger” when Jennifer decided to switch careers, but I sure cycled through the other four (just ask her about the bargaining sometime for a good laugh). Jennifer has been an incredibly valuable part of our team here and will be sorely missed.

The thing that drove me to “acceptance” in the end was the decision to expand Anita Absey’s role to include overall responsibility for marketing. Anita, also a long-time Return Pather going back to January of 2003, will now be our head of both sales and marketing, reflecting the closeness of those two functional areas in a B2B company like ours as well as the exceptionally talented leadership and management that Anita brings to her job and the email marketing industry every day.

Congratulations and best of luck to both Jennifer and Anita on their new challenges!

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