Certification Increases Global Reach with Signal Spam and Vade Secure

We’re quite proud of the global gains Certification has made over the years. The fact that email industry partners continue to join our program by providing benefits and sharing data reinforces Certification’s value in the marketplace.

However, expanding our global footprint and value takes hard work and customer input, especially when looking outside the United States. That said, we’re very happy to announce that Certification customers will now receive Signal Spam and Vade Secure data as part of their annual subscription! A quick side note to our partners and customers: we have not created performance metrics using these new data sources.

Signal Spam is an association that includes french email industry players (anti-spam, MBP’s, ESP’s, etc.) and authorities like CNIL, Gendarmerie, and French Police agencies. Signal Spam data is valuable because it’s one of the few ways mailers can troubleshoot deliverability issues at Orange and SFR—we now provide complaint counts at both mailbox providers! Return Path includes this data with our Certification subscription; whereas our competitors require you (or your email service provider) to subscribe to Signal Spam before simply passing the data through to a UI.

Vade Secure is an anti-spam company that specializes in anti-phishing, anti-spear phishing, and email filtering. Major global ISPs and enterprises use Vade Secure’s advanced anti-spam analysis to manage inbound and outbound email. Their data is valuable because it provides unique insights for email performance in markets with solid Certification coverage, including France, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, India, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. We now provide volume, complaint, and spam counts from Vade Secure’s broad partner network.

Data is a critical, yet often overlooked, part of Certification’s unique one-two value punch. And we’re excited to deliver more value to our global senders with these two new data additions.

For more information about Certification, please visit our webpage or read our fact sheet.

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