Certification + Creative Subject Lines = Increased Conversions [New Case Study]

Subject lines carry a lot of pressure. They have the power to single-handedly determine if a subscriber opens an email, deletes it, or possibly even marks it as spam. However, taking a step back, subject lines aren’t even worth thinking about if the email isn’t getting in front of the subscriber by making it to the inbox.

Frontier Airlines is very familiar with this scenario. Continuously facing the challenge of driving bookings in a short target window combined with standing out in a flooded inbox of travel offers, they need to be able to focus on a creative subject line to drive conversions. In order to do so, they need to first feel confident their emails are reaching subscribers’ inboxes.

With Return Path’s Certification program, Frontier Airlines is able to do just that and have the flexibility to be creative with their content. Mattes Hannigan, Marketing Coordinator at Frontier, states it perfectly saying, “With Return Path Certification getting us to the inbox, we’re able to focus on our mobile display and performance using Inbox Preview and the Return Path Platform seed lists. Our subject lines can entice subscribers to open the right email with the right content for them, but if it doesn’t even make it to their inbox our imaginative and playful writing can’t do its job.”

To learn more (and see the awesome subject line that won Frontier Airlines an Email Hero Award), read the full case study here. To see all the winners and honorable mentions of the Email Hero Awards, grab a copy of the Email Heroes Award Lookbook.

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